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An Alternative View to the Mainstream Information

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

COVID-19 Protocol

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Where to get your prescriptions (and filled):


Holistic Covid-19 Health Information Keep yourself healthy. Nutrition

A plant based diet decreases your risk of severe Covid-19 by 73%. Plant and fish decreases your risk of severe Covid-19 by 59%. High meat (not necessarily game) increases risk by 3.9 times. Vitamins

Vitamin D 2000iu-5000iu - needs to be done before infection (those that are deficient have a 3.87 times increased risk of death)

Vitamin C 3 grams brought out the day (94% of patients in ICU had no measurable levels of Vitamin C)

Zinc 30 mg daily

Visit local naturopathic doctor for more information and treatments. Additional recommendations from Functional Doctors:

Studies Treatment (Ivermectin + Hydroxychloroquine)

Studies Vaccines

Adverse Vaccine Reaction Reporting System

Mask + PCR Testing

Mask Use Presentation (1)
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What hospital protocols are doing?

The origins and legal concerns of the Covid-19 pandemic

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